By leasing a space with us, you agree to these terms.

Parking Lease Agreement



  1. CONTACT INFORMATION. Lessee will be required to give vehicle identification information and contact information at checkout. Lessee shall be solely responsible for updating contact information in the event that Lessee purchases a new vehicle or changes the license plates for Lessee’s vehicle, or any contact information changes or is updated.

  2. PARKING SPACE LEASED/ALLOWED VEHICLES. Lessor reserves the right to designate the location of Lessee’s parking space anywhere within Lessor’s property, which designation Lessor may change at any time.  Lessee shall not allow or cause vehicles other than Lessee’s vehicle to enter Lessor’s property. In the event that Lessor determines that Lessee is breaching the foregoing provision, Lessor shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement and remove offending vehicle from Lessor’s property.



    1. SCHOOL YEAR or SEMESTER LEASE: The term of the school year long Lease Agreement shall be for a period of Nine and Half (9.5) months, beginning 15 Aug of the beginning fall semester of the school year leased, and ending 31 May of the spring semester of the same school year. Semester leases run Four and a Half (4.5) months (15 Aug - 31 Dec) for the fall, and Five (5) months (01 Jan - 31 May) for the spring. Regardless of whether actual parking activities began later or terminated sooner, rent shall be paid in full for this term, with no proration allowed. The  Lessee may opt to commence parking activities up to 15 days in advance of term (as soon as 15 Aug) to facilitate early arrival and move-in at school, at no extra cost to Lessee.

    2. MONTHLY LEASE: The term of the monthly lease shall be for one full calendar month, beginning on the 1st of the month leased. No proration or mid-month start to leases shall be granted.


  1. RENT.  The total price of this lease agreement varies based on the time of year leased and the duration chosen; the price paid at checkout is your lease amount. Such rent is due to Lessor prior to commencement of parking activities by checking out at this website.  A $15 late fee may be assessed to all payments not received by the tenth of the month. A $35 fee may be assessed for all returned checks. If rent is not received within 30 days of due date, Lessor reserves the right to terminate this agreement and have Lessee’s vehicle towed or removed from Lessor’s property to impoundment for breach of this Agreement. Please Note: Rent under this agreement is non-refundable. Rent may be remitted by mail to:    

John Bolduc

                    16 Wellman Street

                    Lewiston, ME 04240

OR deposited directly, in a sealed envelope addressed to John Bolduc as above, into the gold mailbox labeled “Bolduc” on the Wellman Street side of the building on site.


  1. ACCESS TO PARKING LOT; RESPECT FOR NEIGHBORS. The parking space leased under this Agreement is available seven (7) days per week, (24) hours per day, however: Lessor stresses the importance of respect for neighbors with regard to light, sound, vehicle engine noise, litter, and language. Parking premises are conditionally zoned in an otherwise residential district, and neighbors have a right to peace and quiet, especially during nighttime hours. Lessee acknowledges the importance of operating vehicle quietly, not using the horn unnecessarily, minimizing engine running time, keeping litter in vehicle or properly disposed of elsewhere, speaking softly, turning vehicle lights off immediately upon parking, and not using offensive language. Lessor reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement if Lessee does not adhere to these provisions or does not demonstrate a general respect for neighbors in the sole discretion of the Lessor.


  1. SNOW REMOVAL/KEYS. Lessee shall provide Lessor with a copy of any and all keys necessary to enter and operate Lessee’s vehicle prior to entry into this agreement. Lessee is responsible to mark these keys with appropriate identification such that they can be associated with Lessee's vehicle, including name, vehicle make & model, and phone number. Lessee may deposit this second set of keys into gold mailbox labeled "Bolduc" on the Wellman street side of the building on site upon arrival in the area, or may mail the keys to the address listed in item 3 prior to arrival. Lessor may at any time enter and move Lessee’s vehicle to facilitate snow removal from Lessor’s property, or any other property maintenance-related activities. Lessor shall endeavor to remove snow from parking areas and drive lanes with such frequency as to allow access to and use of the parking space leased hereunder.  Lessor is not responsible for items contained in vehicles and encourages Lessee to keep items of value elsewhere. Lessee is responsible to remove snow from the vehicle itself, although Lessor may clear vehicle of snow with a soft snow-rake designed for such purposes, in order to move vehicle. It is the Lessee's responsibility to contact Lessor to collect keys at the conclusion of lease term. Any keys not proactively collected within 30 days of lease conclusion are subject to a $25 processing fee to have keys identified and returned, no exceptions.


  1. LESSOR’S RIGHT TO REMOVE VEHICLES. In addition to Lessor’s right to tow vehicles as provided elsewhere in this Agreement, Lessor reserves the right to tow from Lessor’s property, at Lessee’s expense, any of Lessee’s vehicles that: remain on Lessor’s property after the expiration or termination of this Agreement; create a risk to Lessor’s property or others due to leaking fluids, broken glass or crash damage; do not display current state vehicle registrations; or straddle any parking space stripes.  




  • Lessee acknowledges that Lessor’s property and parking lot are unattended and that Lessee uses Lessor’s property under this Agreement at Lessee’s own risk.  Lessee assumes all risk of loss, damage or theft to Lessee’s vehicle(s) or for the loss of personal property from within Lessee’s vehicle(s) and hereby waives all claims against Lessor therefor.  Lessee agrees to indemnify and save and hold harmless Lessor from and against any and all claims and demands arising from any accident, injury or other occurrence in or about the Space or from Lessee’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees and costs).  This claus does not negate the ability of the lessee to make automobile  insurance claims through their own policy for damages or loss to their vehicle from other vehicles or persons, but does indemnify Lessor.

  • Lessee shall, during the entire term, keep in full force and effect a policy of public liability and property damage insurance in accordance with any applicable laws.


  1. WAIVER OF TRIAL BY JURY. The parties hereby waive trial by jury in any action, proceeding, or counterclaim brought by either of the parties hereto against the other on any matter whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement, the relationship between the parties, Lessee’s use or occupancy of the space, and/or any claim of injury or damage.  In the event that Lessor commences any proceedings for possession or dispossession of the space, or for non-payment of rent, Lessee will not interpose any counterclaim or crossclaim of any nature in any such proceedings.  


  1. ORAL AGREEMENTS/BINDING NATURE. There are no oral agreements or representations between the parties hereto affecting the Agreement not contained in the Agreement and any amendments thereto.  The Agreement, and all amendments thereto, shall be considered to be the only agreement between the parties hereto and their representatives and agents with respect to the parking space. To be effective and binding on Lessor and Lessee, any amendment, revision, change, modification, understanding, etc. to the provisions of the Agreement must be in writing and executed by both parties. This agreement becomes binding upon payment for leased space(s), as referenced in the item description on this website.


  1. NO ASSIGNMENTS. Lessee shall not assign or otherwise transfer its right under this Agreement.