Included Services


Winter in Maine comes with snow storms. In the event of a storm, we clear off vehicles with a soft snow rake designed for such purposes. And because we require a second set of keys, we will be able to move your vehicle to allow for lot plowing. We clear our lots and vehicles as promptly as possible to allow you access to your vehicle in inclement weather.  


We also allow access to the lot and parking activities 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Parking Etiquette

Because 16 Wellman Street is conditionally zoned for collegiate parking activities in an otherwise residential district, we ask that our parking tenants observe a code of etiquette:


  • vehicle light, sound, and engine noise

  • litter and cleanliness

  • volume level and language


The property spans a full block, between Wellman Street and N. Bardwell Street, and as such we have quite a few neighbors. We belive our neighbors have a right to peace and quiet, especially during nighttime hours. We ask our parking lessees to acknowledge the importance of operating their vehicle quietly, not using the horn unnecessarily, minimizing engine running time, keeping litter in vehicle or properly disposed of elsewhere, speaking softly, turning vehicle lights off upon parking, and not using offensive language. In general, we are looking for our parking tenants to demonstrate neighborly respect and good manners.